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Scholars Supplies List
School Supplies
Click here for printable copy of 2023-2024 School Supply List. 

Scholar Uniform Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Ladies: Collared White/Yellow/Light Blue shirt with khaki/navy slacks or skirt. 
Gentlemen: Collared White/Yellow/Light Blue shirt with khaki/navy slacks and tie. 
Fridays: College Day - Wear a college T-shirt with khakis or jeans.

Sims Elementary School Supplies Lists School Year 2023-2024


(1) large bottle of HAND SOAP

(2) containers of baby wipes

(1) box of tissue

(4) containers of disinfectant wipes

(3) cans of disinfectant spray

(1) box of zippered bags (1 quart and 1 gallon)

(1) box of jumbo 2.5 gallon zippered bags

Backpack with complete change of clothes (pants, underwear, socks and shirt) in a zip-lock bag

(1) twin or full size flat sheet 

 Headphones (Please NO EARBUDS)

(1) pack of white copy paper

(1) pack of colored paper

(1) pack of colored cardstock



(3) disposable masks brought weekly or 1 washable mask.  

Headphones (Please no earbuds)  

Change of clothes in scholar’s book bag  

(2) pack of pencils  

(2) box of crayons  

(2) pack of glue sticks  

(2) Primary composition notebooks (picture section at the top/writing lines at the bottom)  

(2) plastic 3-prong folders  

(1) pack of dry erase EXPO markers and eraser  

(1) pair of scissors  

(1) pencil pouch (no boxes) 

(1) pack of copy paper  

(1) pack of colored cardstock  

(1) pack of white cardstock  

(1) Laminating sheets 

(2) Lysol disinfectant spray  

(2) bottles of hand sanitizer  

(2) bottles of hand soap  

(3) boxes of Kleenex  

(3) Clorox/Lysol Disinfectant wipe canisters  

(1) box of Ziploc quart bag  

(1) box of Ziploc gallon bags  

(1) box of Ziploc sandwich bags  

(1) box of gloves  

$15 for over the chair organizer


First Grade

(1) 2” binder 

(2) pocket folders 

(4) one subject spiral notebooks these colors ONLY: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green 

(2) composition notebooks 

(2) boxes of 24 count crayons (Crayola preferred) 

(3) boxes of 12 sharpened pencils) 

(4) glue sticks 

(1) pair of scissors (Fiskars preferred) 

(1) 3 prong zipper pouch for binder (pencil pouch) 

(3) containers of Lysol/Clorox wipes 

(1) pair of headphones/earbuds labeled with name 

(1) can of Lysol spray 

(3) boxes of tissues 

Extra wipes 

(1) box of Ziploc sandwich bags 

(1) box of Ziploc gallon bags 

(2) bottles of hand sanitizers 

(2) packs of Dry erase Expo markers 


Second Grade

(1) 3 “Binder (padded zipped type preferred) 

(4) 1 Subject Notebooks (1-green, 1-red, 1-blue, and 1 yellow 

(2) Packs of Notebook Paper (wide ruled) 

(1) Pencil Pouch (3 Hole Punched) 

(1) Fiskars Scissors 

(1) Pack of Erasers 

(1) pack of Dry Erase Expo Markers 

(2) 24 Count of Sharpened Pencils 

(3) Glue sticks 

(1) Pack of 24-count Crayons or 1 Pack of 24-count colored Pencils 

(2) compositions notebooks 

(4) 2-pocket folders (yellow, green, red, and blue 3 hole punched) 

(1) pack of highlighters 

(2) Clorox (Disinfecting) wipes canisters 

(2) cans Disinfectant spray 

(1) Water bottle 

Personal Hand Sanitizer 

(2) Boxes of Kleenex 

Headphones (something that will last)  

(1) box gallon zip lock bags  

(1) box quart size zip lock bags 


Third Grade

(1) 3“Binder (padded zipped type preferred)  

(8) 1 Subject spiral Notebooks (green, red, blue and yellow- 2 of each color) **These will be used specifically for each subject** 

(4) Plastic pocket folders with 3 prongs (green, red, blue, and yellow- 3 hole punched) **These will be used specifically for each subject** 

(4) Packs of Notebook Paper (wide ruled)  

(1) Pencil Pouch - 3-hole punch  

(1) Fiskars Scissors  

(2) 24 Packs of Pencils  

(6) Glue sticks  

(1) Pack of Crayons  

(1) Pack of Colored Pencils  

(2) compositions notebooks

(1) pack of highlighters  

(2) Clorox/Lysol wipes canisters  

(1) pack colored cardstock  

(1) pack of index cards 

(1) box Gallon size zip lock bags  

(1) box Quart size zip lock bags  

(2) Reams of copy paper  

(1) pair of headphones or earbuds  

(2) bottles of hand sanitizer  

(2) boxes of Kleenex  

(1) box of Band-Aids  

(1) pack EXPO dry erase markers  

(1) pack or box- Disposable Face Masks  

(2) bottle of hand sanitizer 


Fourth Grade

(2) 3” Case- it Binders (Zipper Binder) (Highly recommended) 

(2) Red Spiral Notebooks (ELA) 

(2) Blue Spiral Notebooks (Math) 

(2) Yellow Spiral Notebooks (SS) 

(2) Green Spiral Notebooks (Science) 

(1) Black Spiral Notebook (Specials) 

(4) 2-pocket folders (yellow, green, red and blue 3 hole punched) 

(1) Pencil Pouch (3 Hole Punched) 

(1) Fiskars Scissors 

(2) 24 Packs of Pencils 

(4 to 6) Packs of Glue sticks 

(1) bottle of glue 

(1) Pack of Colored Pencils 

(1) Pack of Index cards (3x5) 

(4) Packs of Wide Ruled Filler Paper 

(1) Pair of earbuds or headphones (can be purchased at Dollar Tree) (Highly suggested) 

Dry erase board 


(1) protractor 

(3) pink erasers 

(1) pack of highlighters 

(2) rolls of paper towels 

(1) pack of copy paper 

(2) Bottles of Hand sanitizer 

(1) Box of Ziploc Bags (Boys: gallon Girls: quart) 

Disinfectant Wipes (Clorox or Lysol No Bleach) 

(3) Boxes of Kleenex 

Girls- 1box of band-aids 

Boys- 1 bag of cough drops 



Fifth Grade

(1) 3” Binder 

(5) Spiral notebooks-Red, Blue, Yellow (2), and Green 

(1) Composition Notebook 

(1) Pack of 100 count 3x5 Index Cards 

(4) Durable Pocket Folders with 3 Prongs (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) 

(1) Pack of Dividers 

(1) Pencil Pouch 

(2) Packs of #2 Pencils 24 Count (No Mechanical Pencils) 

(1) Box of Crayons 

(1) Pack of 4 Highlighters 

(1) Pack of EXPO dry erase markers 

(3) Large glue sticks/(10) Small glue sticks 

(1) 32oz. Hand sanitizer 

(1) Box of Ziplock gallon bags 

(1) Box of Ziplock quart storage bags 

(1) pack of markers 

(1) 3-Pack of Kleenex tissue 

(1) 3 Pack Clorox wipes 

(2) Packs of wide-ruled notebook paper 

(2) Blue or Black Pens 

(1) Personal set of headphones which will be kept with the scholar. 



Mr. Lamondo's Class: Grades 5

(1) 2 Inch Notebook 

(1) pack of black expo markers 

(1) pack of colored expo markers 

(5) folders with 2 pockets and three holes 

(2) packs of sanitizing wipes 

(1) can of air freshener 

(1) bottle of glue 

(1) box of gallon Ziplock bags 

(1) box of quart Ziplock bags 

(6) one subject notebooks 

(1) ream of printer paper 

(1) pack of construction paper 

Reusable water bottle 

(1) bottle of hand sanitizer 

(2) boxes of tissue 

(1) pencil pouch  

(1) pack of Crayons/colored pencil  

(1) pack of markers  

(2) packs of college-ruled notebook paper 

(2) packs of pencils 

(1) pack of red pens 

(1) pack of blue pens 

Pack of index cards 


Ms. M. Kelly: Grade 3-4

Notebook Paper 

(3) Packs of Pencils 


(2) Packs of Erasers/ (4) packs of pencil topper eraser 


(6) Composition Books: 

Red: ELA 

Yellow: Social Studies 

Blue: Mathematics 

Green: Science 

Black: Reading 

Black: Writing 

(1) Pack of dry Erase Markers  

(3) Pocket folders  

Box of tissue  

Clorox clean ups  


Paper towels  

Pack of small waters for students  

Hand sanitizer  

Box of #2 pencils  

Water bottle   


Instructional Coaches Supply Wish List  

3 x 5 index cards 

Post-It Notes 

(1) Stapler Machine 


(1) Tape Dispenser 

Scotch Tape 

8.5 x 11 Lamination Paper 

Dry Erase Markers 

Yellow Colored Copy Paper 

Blue Colored Copy Paper 

Red Colored Copy Paper 

Green Colored Copy Paper 

Salmon Colored Copy Paper 

Card Stock Paper (Variety Colors) 


3-Whole Puncher 

Gel Pens (Variety Colors) – 3 packs 

Copy Paper (3 cases) 

Easel Paper with Sticky Back