Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Theme for March: Collaboration

Principal’s Message

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Milestones Workshops

The final Milestones Workshops developed to help you and your scholar understand the expectations presented on the Mile-stones will occur the last Tuesday of the month. Please make arrangements to be present as you will want to make sure you know how you can support your scholar as he/she prepares for the end of Grade as-sessment in grades third-fifth.

March 28 @ 4:30.

These workshops will be geared toward parents of scholars in grades 3-5.

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Happy Tuesday! On Friday, scholars will bring home their report cards to share with you. Encourage your scholar to present the report card to you. As you review the report card keep the following information adapted from "The Parent Institute" in mind.

Report cards can bring out powerful emotions. The key to dealing with your schol-ar’s report card—good or bad—is to stay CALM. Before discussing your scholar’s grades, be sure you can stay Control, Affirm, Listen and Motivate:

C Control. If the report card was disappointing, your first instinct might be to get angry. If it was very good, you might want to gush. Neither response will be helpful. Overreacting about your scholar’s grades will only demotivate the scholar.

A Affirm. Separate the report card from your scholar. Even if the grades were bad, your scholar is not a bad kid. Start from the position, "I love you always. Now let’s talk about this report card."

L Listen. Listen to your scholar often throughout the semester. If they sound con-fused about a particular concept, tell your scholar to inquire with the teacher. Also, follow up with your scholar and the teacher to ensure your scholar is growing academi-cally. When reviewing the report card, be sure to let your scholar share it with you and discuss things learned during the quarter.

M Motivate. Come up with a plan for the next report card. If things are working well, encourage your child to continue doing his best. If there are changes, help your scholar make a plan so he/she can do better next time and celebrate the successes that were made. But most importantly, end the conversation with encouragement.


PTO Fundraiser

Career Day is March 31st.

We are seeking speakers. Contact Dr. Carter if you are interested in speaking to our scholars.

Does your scholar like limos? What about pizza parties? Be sure to support the PTO with helping your scholar participate in the school-wide fundraiser. All monies are due on March 28th to your scholars teacher. The products will be ready for pick up after spring break. If your scholar sells enough products, your scholar will have an op-

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Upcoming Events

March 2017

Theme of the Month: Collaboration

Mar 1-31- Womens History Month/ Music in Our Schools

March 7: ELA Benchmark (1-5)

March 8:-10: Cornell University Field Trip to Rock Eagle

March 9 Science Benchmark (3rd and 4th)

March 13: Teacher Workday (Contact your scholars teacher if you would like to schedule a conference)

March 15: Social Studies Benchmark (3rd-5th)

March 16: Math Benchmark (1-5)

March 17: End of Quarter 3

March 17: Science Benchmark (5th)

March 27: AVID Binder Check

March 29: Pre-K Awards Program

March 30: Awards Program (K-5)

March 30: Milestones Readiness Assessment (TBD)

March 31: Career Day