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School Council Members
Shauntogris Johnson
Assistant Principal/School Council Secretary
Dr. Ailia Gilbert
School Council President/PTO President
Charnese Fountain

School Council Vice Chairperson
D. Goodman and M. Anderson
Annette Steele & Shirelle Jefferson-Graves
SES Parent Liaison
Shirelle Jefferson-Graves
Business Partner
Muddessar Ahmad 
Support Organization 


Roles and Responsibilities of School Council Members

  1. Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues
  2. Regularly participate in council meetings
  3. Participate in information and training programs
  4. Act as a link between he school council and the community
  5. Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community
  6. Work to improve student achievement and performance
  7. Commit to two-year term

Purpose of the School Council:

To improve communication & participation of parents & the community in the management & operation of the school. 

  • • To bring communities & schools closer together in a spirit of cooperation.
    • To solve difficult education problems.
    • To improve academic achievement.
    • To provide support for teachers & administrators.
    • To bring parents into the school-based decision-making process.
    • To assist the local board of education in developing & nurturing participation.
    • To bring parents and the community together with teachers & administrators to create a better understanding of a mutual respect for each other’s concerns.
    • To share ideas for school improvement

Meeting Minutes
Please click on the links below to review the School Council meeting minutes.

April 2022