Social Emotional Learning allows our scholars to grow socially and emotionally, so they can manage conflict, themselves and develop coping skills.  By learning these strategies, our scholars will also boost their academic achievement through focus and goal setting.  Our first Spring session just concluded and we discussed self-control. Our next sessions begin Feb 25th and focus on Respect.  Following each parent workshop/scholar presentation, all resources will be uploaded on this page for your use and convenience.

Brought to you by the SES Social Emotional Learning Team:

Alexandra Mitchell, Assistant Principal

Gwendolyn Ferrell, Dean of Students

Carrie Adkins, SEL Teacher/Coordinator

Tameka Singh, Prevention and Intervention Specialist

Self-Control Resources:

Self Regulation in Young Children - 

Self Control Parent Workshop PPT 

Self Control.pptx


10 Family Games:

11 Tips for Teaching your Child Self Control

Coping Skills
Coping Skills - Resource Site

15 Coping Skills for Kids

How to be a Coping Coach for Your Child

Work Shops

December 19 Parent Workshop
Coping Skills.pptx

Video Resources

Conflict Resolution: How to Teach Kids to Manage Conflict Video

Conflict Resolution PodCast and Student Friendly Wheel


Focus on the Family - Its a Family Affair

SES Parent Presentation from 11/7 : Sims SEL Conflict Resolution