4th Grade Newsletter

Sims Elementary School


Text Box: Standards
The following standards will be addressed during the month of September:
ELA: Opinion writing 
Math: Multiplication and division of whole numbers 
Science: Water Cycle
Social Studies: Colonial America
Growth Hour: RL2 Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text.

Text Box: Scholars’ Spotlight
The following students have been recognized as Scholar of the Month:
Mrs. Arnold: Alanna Turner
Mrs. Edwards: London Fannin
Mrs. Kilgore: Dani Donald
Mrs. Neil: Dakota Wingo
Congratulations to these exemplary scholars!

Text Box: Parents’ Corner
•	Homework is assigned Monday – Thursday.
•	Remind messages are sent daily.
•	If scholars are absent, please send an excuse.
•	A weekly grade report will be sent home on Tuesday’s in yellow folders.
•	Please email or call teachers if you have any questions or concerns.


September 2017


Text Box: On-Line Resources
•	Achieve 3000
•	First in Math
•	Math 2.0
•	Its Learning
•	BrainPop